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Why can't I get it?
Why radio?
Why talk radio?
Why Catholic?
Will it succeed?

Who will support it?

What can I do?

Why can't I get it?
If you will help us financially, you will get it, as we expand our current coverage area and build new stations across Middle Tennessee. Until then, you can click the "Listen" tab on the menu to hear a sneak listen.
We hope to be covering most of the diocese with Catholic radio by 2013, but we need your help.

Because the whole mission of Catholic radio is to reach as many people as possible with the Catholic message, reception is our number one concern. First, we are very limited in the number, the type, and the timeframe in which we can build our stations. The FCC is also very strict about the strength of the signal we can broadcast in order to avoid interference and overlap with other stations. For the same reason, we are also limited to a very specific geographic outline, so the reception of our current station is spotty in some locations. Additional equipment can  improve reception by strengthening the signal within our legal power allowance and filling the contours of our service area better. In addition to yielding stronger reception in borderline areas, it will also allow us to reach an additional 30,000 people or so. Those areas on the outskirts, like parts of Gallatin which are somewhat sketchy now, should be made much stronger by additional equipment. Lebanon is complete; next we move on to Nashville, and then Cookeville. The sky is the limit, and this is why we need your help. Can you make a donation? Will you, right now?

Why radio?
• "No believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can be separate from the supreme beauty of proclaiming Christ to all people.”
• “Radio offers perhaps the closest equivalent today to what Jesus was able to do with large groups through his preaching.”
• “Radio is an intimate medium, which can reach people on the street, in their cars, or in their homes.”
• “Radio may well be the most cost effective means of reaching large numbers of people who may not want to read or may lack exposure to Catholic publications - but will be willing to ‘eaves drop’ on Catholic stations or programming” (Pope John Paul II, Address to the Catholic Media Association).

Dollar for dollar, radio costs less than any other medium; it reaches more people in less time for less money with less staff, with greater effect. It allows for anonymous listening to faithful Catholic teaching in areas saturated by misinformed non-Catholics who are hostile to or fearful of the Church. But recent studies show that Catholic radio is not only extremely effective in evangelization; it also
significantly increases tithing (+67%), service (+52%), attendance (+47%), and membership (+31%) in the parishes within its coverage area.

Why talk radio? Why not music?
While music formats are losing ground to iPods and satellite and internet radio, talk radio is the fastest growing and most popular format in the country.

Why Catholic radio?
There are over 16,000 radio stations in the US. Only 45-50 are Catholic. In Tennessee, there are 442 stations. Although the Nashville area has numerous evangelical denominations regularly taking their message to the airwaves, only ours is Catholic. In media terms, until now, Catholics have remained silent. Is it any wonder that the Holy Father has called upon US Catholics to dramatically improve their use of modern forms of communication as tools of the New Evangelization? He means radio and television. In addition, radio listeners frequently change channels and scan the frequencies during commercials, looking for substance. When that happens, we intend to be a landing place.

Will it succeed?
If you help support us! We can learn from the things our separated brothers and sisters have done well. They have gathered widespread listener support, provided high quality teaching, and maintained commercial-free, non-profit programming. In them we have an excellent model of how to successfully use technology for evangelization.

We know from our Lord's example on the cross that the salvation of even one soul more than justifies the effort and cost of bringing Catholic radio to any community. Successful Catholic radio ministries give witness to inspiring stories of lives that have been dramatically changed through hearing their programming. Here are just a few examples of what can happen when Catholic radio comes to a community:
• A group of death row inmates formed a study group using a program of
religious study taken from a Catholic radio station.
• One station reported many conversion stories and glowing reports from
priests, excited for their parishioners to have access Catholic radio
• A man dropped by one station to find out how he could return to the
• While driving across a barren stretch of road. a fallen away former
Catholic priest tuned into a Catholic Radio station. What he heard
inspired him to eventual reconciliation with the Church.

Who will support it?
Won't you? Right now? We are all called by Christ to share the Gospel. Obeying the Church's urgent call to a New Evangelization, there are many devout Catholics in our community who share our desire to evangelize through the spreading of the Gospel, and lift our culture out of the depths of despair it currently finds itself in. Soon Risen Radio will begin building listener support through on-air appeals. This will grow to be our primary source of operating capital. Being a not-for-profit organization, our financial requirements are minimal. This has proven effective with Catholic radio stations all over the United States.

What can I do?
Your contributions are the life-blood of this apostolate. Please:
make a donation and consider supporting us monthly,
• become a volunteer,
• pray a Rosary for Risen Radio,
• offer a Mass and/or a novena for the station,
• "Like" our Facebook page,
• spread the word, and suggest other contacts for us so that this infant station can become self-supporting as soon as possible.

Touching Lives, Saving Souls

     “Radio offers perhaps the closest equivalent today to what Jesus was
      able to do with large groups through his preaching” (Pope John Paul II,
      Address to the Catholic Media Association).